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We provide socio-economic relief in the form of emergency items: 20-30 lbs. of groceries monthly, plus other emergency items as needed (clothing, personal care products, medicines, basic household items, etc.). We also provide free skills training courses, and instruction and materials for home micro-business start-ups.


In certain cases, we provide: donated materials and labor for basic home repair, provide referrals to free and/or discounted medical care, psychological care, legal counsel, and social workers, share notifications and referrals for employment opportunities, and currently assist up to one person per family in acquiring their visa and national I.D. card to help him/her gain sustainable employment.

We provide spiritual support in the form of: in-home support groups (Life Groups or Home Churches), daily devotionals in a WhatsApp group chat, links to online church services and Bible-based seminars, spiritual-emotional support and prayer through home visits and private phone chats, and various Evangelism materials and Bibles for each family.

The ministry team: is mainly comprised of Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, and Peruvian volunteers, who come from various local Latino churches and the local community, and is led by Darrell and Sondra Holden, Ripe for Harvest missionaries from Wisconsin (USA), who have lived in Quito, Ecuador since 2014.

The beneficiaries: are referred by ‘word-of-mouth’ and are admitted to the ministry determined by home-visit interviews, persistent prayer, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Since January 2020: Pantry of Grace has helped more than 100 families move forward socio-economically and spiritually to become contributing residents in the communities in which they live.

How to support the ministry:

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