Your Faithful Partnership is Appreciated!

As followers of Christ we are called into our own unique partnership with God and what He is doing in His world. Whether you are a Christ-follower or simply someone who is excited to do your part to help meet the un-met needs of others, WILL YOU?...


Jesus taught his disciples, "Without me you can do nothing." Prayer is the hub of everything we do. 


We welcome your prayers on our behalf.  Please check out our current prayer list on our home page. If you like, you can also contact us to be added to our Prayer Email List.


Become a Special Project Partner. Send an extra financial gift for a special project and/or serve with us on the mission field short-term during a project. See our home page for current projects and project #'s.


We each are assigned to work in “ministry positions”. Our “wages” consist of income generated by financial partners. These tax-deductible financial gifts allow us to both carry out our ministry and live in Ecuador. Our Financial Partners are not just churches and community groups, but are mostly families, married couples, single adults, and college students, of all ages and backgrounds.


If you would like to become our financial partner, please select one of the options below, then follow the instructions provided. For each contribution given you will be sent a receipt for tax purposes as well as further instructions for subsequent or future gifts from Ripe for Harvest. THANK YOU FOR PARTNERING WITH US!

U.S. Mail

Print, fill out and mail this form to Ripe for Harvest.


Contribute by postal mail form

All contrbutions are tax deductible and must be made out to:

Ripe for Harvest

P.O. Box 487

Monument, CO 80132-0487

Electronic Transfer

Please print and complete one of these forms and mail to Ripe for Harvest. Next to Staff Name and Acct # write: Darrell and Sondra Holden,  #20319.


Electronic Funds Transfer contribution form (PDF).


Electronic Funds Transfer contribution form (.doc)

Credit Card

Click the link below to complete the online form for credit card contributions. Be sure to select "Holden, Darrell and Sondra - #20319" from the Missionaries and Projects drop-down box.


Ripe for Harvest credit card online contribution form


(Please note: Darrell and Sondra are charged a small processing fee for each credit card contribution.)

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